Toro Mower Built for Storage – Blog Entry

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Toro has launched SmartStow, a petrol lawn mower which can be folded and locked for vertical storage without fear of petrol or oil leaks.

The 55cm cutting width mower, incorporating Toro’s Recycler technology, is designed for use on medium to large gardens, and when finished, the handle simply folds down and locks so the machine can then be lifted up on its end and stored against a wall.

Vertical storage is made possible by new Mow ‘n’ Stow™ engine technology from Briggs & Stratton, and offers maintenance benefits too, as it’s easier to clean under the mower deck and check the blade.

The SmartStow is a steel deck, variable speed mower offering durability, reliability and quality of cut.

Users can choose to either collect the cuttings in the large grassbag or engage Toro’s Recycler cutting system – where the grass clippings are repeatedly chopped into tiny pieces and forced back into the turf, leaving a clean finish. The cuttings decompose quickly to provide nutrients and moisture to the soil, reducing the requirement to feed and water the lawn. It also saves lots of time, as there’s no need to keep stopping to empty the grassbag.

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